Ways of teeth whitening and the causes of yellowing

Introduction to Teeth Whitening

Teeth are solid, semi-bone structures that contain pockets implanted in both the upper and lower jaws.The teeth perform a range of functions in the human body. A beautiful view of humans, the color of natural teeth is white, but change color with time due to several reasons related to some wrong practices in humans, and then begin the phenomenon of tooth decay, which loses the aesthetic property that gives it to humans.

Causes of yellowing teeth

The color of natural teeth changes to yellow over time, and each person is exposed to change the color of his teeth in the absence of attention to them and the most important reasons that cause yellowing teeth:

  • Drink tea and coffee in large quantities
  • Smoking
  • Foods containing tinctures
  • Limestone plaque that appears around the teeth
  • Do not brush teeth periodically and repeatedly
  • Use fluoride frequently
  • Too much antibiotics lead to yellowing of teeth
  • Aging
  • A range of genetic factors may interfere with tooth discoloration
  • Some medicines prescribed for the treatment of allergies and blood pressure

How to get rid of yellowing teeth?

Household methods are summarized as follows:

  • Clean the teeth after eating, especially after Laatamp containing dyes colored
  • Use banana and orange peel to clean teeth by drying and grinding and then mixed with toothpaste
  • The use of tooth brushing, which fights gingivitis and restores teeth to their natural color
  • Put a little lemon juice on the toothbrush works to get rid of the plaque layers on the teeth, and advised not to increase the lemon juice because it works to erode the outer layers of teeth
  • Washing your mouth and teeth using water and vinegar works to kill bacteria and remove plaque layers from the teeth
  • Clean teeth using a solution of hydrogen peroxide works to get rid of yellow stains on the teeth
  • Use dental floss properly
  • Stay away from smoking and drinking coffee

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