Common mistakes when skin care


Getting skin free of blemishes or blemishes is something everyone is looking for, especially those problems that may be confined to the appearance of acne or small pimples or blackheads, which cause a large proportion of women specifically and the category of youth is a clear inconvenience, but getting healthy and fresh skin is not All this is hard to do is look at what is in this article, which will explain in detail the most common mistakes made when taking care of the skin and freshness, as well as important tips on what to follow to get a fresh and healthy skin

Common mistakes when skin care

Many women resort to caring for their skin by using different types of cosmetics such as moisturizers, or going to beauty salons to undergo peeling sessions , but sometimes this is not the right way to take care of the skin. The most common mistakes in skin care will be mentioned:

  • Do not use a skin scrub before moisturizing the skin.In some cases, women apply the skin moisturizer directly to the skin layer or randomly without the use of the skin scrub.It is worth mentioning that the application of moisturizer on the skin after the peeling process helps the skin layers to absorb the moisturizer better.
    Excessive skin exfoliating preparations, causing the problem of open skin pores.
  • Exposing skin for a long period of time to direct sunlight without applying a layer of sunscreen.
  • Exposing skin to varying temperatures.
  • Lack of attention to skin hygiene, such as not removing cosmetics before going to sleep.
  • Use perfume directly on the skin.
  • Do not wash the skin – face and body continuously

Ways to care for skin in winter

Fresh skin during the winter is one of the things most women seek, so it is advised to follow these tips to get fresh skin in the winter:

Keeping the skin moist:  During the winter there are changes in the climate, sometimes cold and warm, which exposes the skin to dehydration, so you must maintain the rate of skin moisture by drinking appropriate amounts of water and the use of natural materials to moisturize the skin .

  • Protect hands from dehydration: This can be done by wearing leather gloves when washing dishes or the like, or by using chemical-free detergents found in most types of soap, in addition to the use of disinfectants that do not contain alcohol, so choose a lotion Hands with great care, so that they are lotion, antiseptic, antibacterial and moisturizing.
  • Wear a transparent glove when applying a hand moisturizer: This is done for at least an hour to ensure that the moisturizer has been well absorbed.
  • Use honey to remove dark spots from your elbows and knees.This is done by adding honey to a little sugar and mixing the ingredients well.The mixture is applied with massage or rubbing.The honey helps reduce the occurrence of skin infections, and sugar helps to reactivate the blood circulation in the skin.
  • Applying milk to the skin: The skin’s natural exfoliator works, because it contains an estimated 12% of lactic acid, which helps to get a fresh and pleasant skin.
  • Apply an oil bath or body moisturizer to your arms and legs: Helps give the skin a soft texture.

The best natural oils for skin care

Natural oils are just as important as essential cosmetics and moisturizers for skin care, especially the face. The best natural oils for skin care are: 

  • Coconut oil : It is an edible oil, and is one of the most widespread and used oils because it contains therapeutic properties such as vitamin E and a high proportion of fatty acids, it works to protect the layers of the skin from dryness, and plays an effective role as an antibacterial that causes skin fungi.
  • Argan oil :  It is an extract of the fruit of the argan tree, which is abundant in the countries of Morocco, it is used as a moisturizer and soothing skin, because it contains a high content of vitamin E and antioxidants and fatty acids, and it may be used to treat eczema and rosacea.
  • Marula oil :  an oil extracted from mariola fruit spread in Africa, which helps in reducing the risk of dehydration and protects the skin from irritation and exposure to inflammation, this oil contains 60% of the antioxidants, which is much greater than the proportion found in natural oils It is used to fight the appearance of signs of aging and protect skin cells from damage in direct sunlight.

How to use natural oils for skin care

The natural oils that are recommended for skin care, especially facial skin, have a specific method of use 

  • Coconut oil for the skin : It is used by applying cream on the skin or as a body lotion and moisturizer during the shower.
  • Argan oil for the skin : It  is used to treat dry skin only, and can be by applying the oil on the skin before applying cosmetics or on the skin before going to sleep, and it should be noted that argan oil is also suitable for use for dry hair and nails.
  • Marula oil for the skin : It  is used by applying it to the skin, hair and nails.One of the most characteristic of this type of natural oils that does not leave a greasy effect on the skin, it is recommended to use on the face before applying makeup or can be mixed with the foundation before applying to the skin.

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