Get rid of bad foot odor

About bad foot odor

Some suffer from bad foot odor, which annoys them, and expect them to be embarrassed with others, and this stink usually causes us to wear inappropriate shoes, and for long periods, or to make a great effort to walk or stand.

Causes of the appearance of foot odor

This odor consists of sweat and some bacteria, or because of the presence of certain fungi in the feet.

Causes of foot odor

The causes of foot odor are limited to three main factors:

Feet: The presence of a fungal infection in the foot area causes the emergence of bad odor, bacteria on the foot is the production of these odors, and it is worth mentioning that the treatment of these fungi, and taking other factors into account will eliminate Fragrance is quite important, knowing that prevention is the most important by keeping the feet clean, and the use of socks and shoes appropriate and clean, because the treatment of fungi is difficult in this region because of the need to wear shoes and lack of ventilation.

Socks: Cotton socks are the best types of socks able to absorb sweating in the foot area, which reduces the chances of bacterial growth and the formation of odor-causing fungi, and make sure to change these socks on a daily basis, to maintain cleanliness, and it is worth mentioning here that the socks that contain High levels of synthetic materials cause foot sweating, and the accumulation of sweat in the area making it a key factor in the appearance of foot odor.

Shoes: Shoes that are poorly ventilated, and those made of synthetic materials such as rubber and plastic are one of the main reasons for the presence of bacteria on the foot, either open shoes or those made of natural leather is safe in this area.

 Tips that may help you get rid of bad foot odor

Wash the feet frequently during the day, in order to get rid of bacteria, and remove dead skin, which may also cause odor.

Avoid wearing shoes for long periods, and try to wear open shoes, or those made of materials that allow ventilation of the feet as much as possible.

Wear cotton socks, which absorb sweat and allow the feet to breathe, which reduces the odor.

Washing and drying sports shoes in the air and sun, not using a drying machine, because the sun and ventilation will kill germs and bacteria that cause odor.

Do not eat foods with strong odors, such as garlic, onions and peppers, they make the odor worse.

Treatment of foot odor

Foot odor can be treated by getting rid of the basic causes of odor, such as fungus treatment and sterilization, as well as keeping the oldest, socks and shoes clean, and some natural recipes can help in this …

Some recipes that get rid of the smell of feet 

Soak your feet for 20 minutes two to three times a week in warm water mixed with half a cup of apple cider vinegar.

Tannic acid in tea , and black in particular, a material that resists the smell of feet, so throw a set of tea envelopes in a hot water pot, and wait for it to cool and then put your feet for at least 15 minutes, and repeat it three Times a week.

Tea tree oil, an important element to treat this problem, rub feet with this oil before bed and leave it on your feet until the morning, and you can repeat it every night, or just two or three times a week.

Radish juice and glycerin, get a quantity of radish juice, and mix with an equal amount of glycerin, and put in a spray can, spray your feet, and between the fingers, to eliminate the smell.

Mash two tablespoons of ginger, placed in a clean cloth, then placed in a bath of lukewarm water to hot for two minutes, then rub the foot with ginger liquid before bedtime, and wash in the morning, repeat this twice a week.

Sprinkle a little cake yeast (baking powder) in the shoe before wearing, it is resistant to moisture, which causes the smell of the feet.

 Foot odor in women

The problem of foot odor in women is a distressing issue, although women are less prone to this problem than men, due to the different lifestyle of women, which may be devoid of excessive physical activity in standing and movement, as well as the use of better ventilated shoes Men ‘s shoes, in hot seasons, many women wear open shoes, making them less vulnerable to this problem.

However, they need to follow all the tips to avoid the problem, or ways to solve it if it exists as mentioned earlier …

Smell the feet in a dream

Bad smell in a dream symbolizes bad speech or bad reputation, and is not desirable in general, unlike the good smells that symbolize the good of praise, reputation and work, as some interpreters believe that bad smells indicate sins and sins, and God knows …

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